Crane Prairie Reservoir, Oregon

Crane Prairie LakeAugust 9-11, 2013

Crane Prairie Reservoir is one of a series of high-mountain lakes accessible from the Cascade Lakes Highway near Bend. We'd been wanting to camp in the Cascade Lakes for years, and Crane Prairie Campground is the only place with reservable campsites, so that's where we started. We met our friends, Kathy and Robin, there, who were only able to stay for the weekend.



Easter parade

On Friday thunderstorm and flood warnings for the Cascades were issued, and we drove through a huge thundering downpour around Oakridge. But by the time we got to the campground, the rain was light, then stopped in time for me to make fish tacos for dinner.

Saturday morning (Kate's birthday) was sunny and warm. We got in a leisurely paddle before the clouds gathered force. Facing an afternoon of thunder and rain, Kate and I decided to drive up the highway and explore other campgrounds, searching out a good spot for Sunday night. It poured much of our drive, but there was much to see. Such a beautiful area.

When we returned, Kathy and Robin said they had watched an incredible storm show across the lake, but our campground had remained a tiny dry oasis.

That night, we celebrated both Kate's and Kathy's birthdays with cake and some ice cream from the lodge store. Sunday came much too soon, and we were sorry that Kathy and Robin had to go home. But we headed out to the next leg of our camping adventure at Secret Lake.

No stick too big.

Highs: Eagles, osprey, white pelicans and even otters. Good times with dear friends. Beautiful lake and views.

Lows: Stinky pit toilets. Swarms of biting red ants all over the site. Noisy neighbors with a very fussy toddler.

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