Our Teardrop's Origin

August 25, 2007

Kate and I bought our teardrop trailer in an eBay auction from Pat Foley in Sequim, Washington. Pat had built the trailer from scratch as a retirement project. Although he'd rebuilt many classic cars and trucks, this was the first trailer he'd ever built.

Why was he selling it? "Hell, I'm too old and too big to squeeze myself into that thing."

trailer galley

The teardrop's galley is equipped with a propane stove (including toaster oven), small ice chest, and three drawers. The galley and interior lights run off a motor-cycle battery. We've made several improvements since our purchase, including curtains, extra shelves and hooks, a spice rack, paper towel holder, mosquito screens, and a new mattress.

Pat Foley, trailer builder

On our way back to Eugene, we spent the night in a sweet little campground at Lake Leland, Washington. It rained softly on the tin roof that night, and we were snug and cozy inside.

first night in the teardrop