Indian Henry Campground

All of UsMount Hood National Forest
August 30 - September 1, 2014

On this Labor Day weekend, we joined our friends Kathy and Robin and Robin L. and her daughter, Hannah. We have been camping together since our kids were small.

After weeks of sweltering weather, the temperatures dropped on Friday night, and on our drive up Saturday, there was a steady rain that leaked into our bedding a bit.




We set up camp in off-and-on drizzle, but we had a great site (C18) right next to a stream. Thank goodness we'd brought our canopy, because by dinnertime the rain was steady again, and we all huddled under the shelter, warming ourselves with Robin H's delicious chili verde.

Saturday night, we were invited to join a gathering of about 20 Portland women (PLU) in sites nearby for birthday cake. What a treat to meet so many like-minded women in the campground. There were several visits and conversations over the weekend, and exchanging of emails.

Indian Henry is a deteriorating campground, I'm afraid. Our loop was the only one still open, the others being abandoned due to "tree hazards" and left for nature to reclaim. The one bathroom left open was in poor repair. One of the three toilets was broken and a broken faucet kept water running in the sink at a constant low stream. You could tell this had been a bustling campground once, but there's not much left of it anymore.Rock Cliff


Highs: Great visit with old friends, new connections with interesting women, lush old-growth forest, great stream-side site, quiet campground, good hikes.

Lows: Rain, lousy bathrooms, long drive from Eugene (nearly 3 hours).

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