Somewhere, Kansas

KOA in KansasSeptember 11, 2008

We didn't leave Boulder until late afternoon, and then we just drove east as far as we could get. We pulled off the road somewhere in Kansas and found this very, very sweet KOA.

The place was owned by German immigrants whose late-in-life dream was to own a campground in America, and you could tell they loved what they did. Everything about the place projected love and care, from the miniature golf and playground, to the bathroom decor. You could tell it was a hopping family place in the summer, even though it was very quiet then.

The woman owner cooked every night and posted the "diner" special. Those who signed up had dinner delivered to their campsite. In the morning, coffee was brewing, and for a mere $2.50, she would cook you pancakes. Bacon for $1.50 more.

We were delighted by this clean, down-home, kitchy place that seemed to epitomize Kansas. It was a quick but refreshing stopover for us.

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