Teardrop Gatherings

There's a whole society out there of teardrop enthusiasts, and they love to get together and show off their tiny trailers. A Northwest group, Teardrops of Oregon and Washington (TOW), is particularly active, and they organize several events a year. When we can, we like to attend one in Creswell, just a few miles from Eugene, at the home of Larry and Zelma Boeheme.

Creswell Campout: June 13-15, 2014

Tom and Kirsten's teardropThis was the biggest year ever, with around 15 teardrops and tiny trailers. Kate and I came just in time for "Stone Soup" dinner on Friday night, and chats around the campfire.

On Saturday, there was a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt, and a craft project. And we talked with Mary, who has a green 1949 Chevy truck, very similar to our '53. Kate and I had to leave after lunch to attend our god-daughter's graduation ceremony, and we didn't return until Sunday morning. But we drove back with our truck, and got to play show and tell with Mary, who had some good ideas for restoration.

dueling trucks

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tears in a fieldCreswell Campout:
June 8-10, 2012

We returned this year for another weekend of fun with other teardrop enthusiasts. There were about seven teardrops this year, and a couple of drop-ins.

The weather was cold, and it rained hard through all of Friday night. I had pour water out of my boots in the morning. But by Saturday afternoon, the sun came out and it was summer-warm. (Well, Northwest summer anyway.)

bumper troll


Larry and Zelma Boehme hosted the gathering in their nicely mowed back field. It includes a large shelter (which was essential in the rain for meals and meetings), a campfire, and a sink. They made a delicious Stone Soup on Friday night, with contributions from campers. On Saturday, they conducted a scavenger hunt with prizes. And on Saturday night, it was potluck dinner.

Our neighbor, Kathleen, brought her granddaughter, Madison out for a visit on Saturday afternoon and stayed for the potluck.

It's fun to see all the different teardrops, some hand-built, some manufactured. And fun to see people we had seen the time before.

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our setupCreswell Campout:
June 6-7, 2009

Kate and I attended our first gathering, the Creswell Campout on the weekend of June 6th, 2009.

It was held at Larry and Zelma Boehme's farm in Creswell, Oregon, organized by Pam Hernandez and Sheryl and Lonnie Aaron.

another woodyTen teardrops camped on the Boehme's back field. Larry even rigged up a boiler and sink next to the fire pit to provide hot water for washing up. And for entertainment, he offered teardrop birdfeeder kits and a treasure hunt with prizes. A soup bar on Friday night and breakfast on Sunday morning were included. And on Saturday night, everybody pitched in for a Dutch Oven potluck.

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