Harrisburg, Oregon

Baa-ah-ah!March 22-24, 2013

Harrisburg was not exactly high on our list of must-see destinations. Nor was the River Bend Resort and RV Park. But when Kate stumbled across a website for RV'ing Women, a national club of women campers, and read that the Oregon chapter was having a gathering in two weeks, just 30 minutes from us, we decided to go see what this group was about. No matter that is was still winter and nightime temps were near freezing.


Easter parade



What we found was a warm, fun-loving group of women from all over the northwest. Their rigs were bigger and their dogs were smaller, but they were more than happy to welcome us into their club. There were potluck dinners, games, music, and even an Easter bonnet contest. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of the 50 or so women gathered there, and we look forward to connecting with this group again.


No stick too big.

The weather was certainly cold at night, but it didn't rain. And at least the resort clubroom was warm. On Saturday, we walked into town with several other women, then broke off to spend some time with Bailey down by the river.

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