Twin Lakes, Idaho

dockAugust 26-28, 2010

From Glacier Park, we drove to Twin Lakes, where Kathy's parents have had a lake cabin since she was a little girl. Back in the 60s, the cabin was small and rustic, with only an outhouse. Over the years, the Sullivans have added on and rebuilt, but the cabin is still very cozy and sweet, with the original stone fireplace and antiques. There is even a light fixture made from an original kerosene light.

We parked the trailers on land next to a shared dock and shuttled over in the Sullivan's small fishing boat. Just when we got there, the weather changed drastically. Temps dropped from 90s to low 60s, strong winds started, and a thick bank of smoke from a nearby forest fire rolled in like yellow fog. The winds only got stronger as we unpacked and made a quick dinner.

speedboatBy morning, the wind had gone, taking the smoke clouds with it, but it was cool. We huddled with blankets and coffee on the dock, where there was sun, and watched osprey dive for fish. So much for swimming and water-skiing. But we still had the speedboat, and after lunch, when it was a little warmer, we tooled around the lake, chasing an osprey and its catch.Kathy pointed out her favorite spots from childhood. The rope swing they all dared each other to jump from. The abandoned gazebo lookout. The cabin of the retired surfer who carved Kathy tiny water skiis when she was five.

For dinner, Robin grilled shishka-bobs with filet minon and chicken (delicious!), then we hiked up to Kathy's favorite get-away spot as a teenager: a boulder climb with perfect sunset view.

The next morning, after a hearty Robin-breakfast, Kathy and Robin shuttled us back to the car, and Kate and I started our drive home (with an overnight at Hood River).

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